Expo Noble Living

26.10.2018 >< 20.01.2019
University Labrary Leuven
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Noble Living
The castle at Heverlee, from Croÿ to Arenberg

The University Library is mounting an exhibition entitled 'Noble Living. The castle at Heverlee, from Croÿ to Arenberg'. It sheds light on the extraordinary history of Arenberg Castle, its interior and occupants. A treasure trove of fine drawings, prints, rare books and manuscripts awaits.

The Arenberg Castle

In the seventeenth century the Arenbergs inherited the Croÿ family’s hunting seat and surrounding forests at Heverlee. Over the years the castle underwent a number of architectural alterations as it was adapted to changing tastes and fashions. However, the building’s original character is still very much in evidence today.

The latest technology takes visitors to the University Library back in time and shows the castle as it has never been seen before.

Life on the castle can be compared as shown in the Downton Abbey series

Curious about what life was like in the castle?

The exhibition also sheds light on life at the castle from the nineteenth century through to the beginning of the twentieth century. During that period the castle at Heverlee played a crucial role in the lives of the Arenbergs, as evidenced by old photographs and some of the original furniture.

The exhibition also looks beyond the lives of the princes and princesses who lived at the castle to the lives of the estate’s many servants.