Foodies for Arenberg

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A true foodie? Do you like to experiment in the kitchen? Or just interested in what kind of foods we'll be eating in the futere? If it sounds like you, you're the person we are looking for.

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We want to bring together a group of people who would like to create two new dishes that will be served during the opening weekend of the Arenberg Festival, October 20th and 21st 2018.

In early October we will organize 4 workshops. Together with chef Filip Fransen (WITLOV), the team of 'Voedsel voor de toekomst' and the Centre of Agricultural History we will experiment in the kitchen, searching for answers. What kind of food was served to the Dukes of Arenberg in the past and what will be on our plates in the future?

The two new dishes can be tasted by the audience during the opening weekend. At this event we will count on you to help serving the dishes. Interested? You can register by clicking on the link below.


Workshop 'HISTORIC'

Interested in the historic way of cooking?
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  • Tuesday 02.10.2018 | 6.30 pm (Community Centre/Buurtcentrum Sint-Maartensdal): introduction and brainstorm
  • Tuesday 09.10.2018 | 6.30 pm (venue to be decided): creation of the signature dish
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Workshop 'FUTURE'

Interested in food for the future?
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  • Wednesday 03.10.2018 | 6.30 pm (Community Center/Buurtcentrum Sint-Maartensdal): introduction and brainstorm
  • Wednesday 10.10.2018 | 6.30 pm (venue to be decided): creation of the signature dish
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* For both workshops we will create teams of 20 participans.
* The workshops will be in Dutch. English translation is possible.