Opening weekend

from 20 October 2018 till 21 October 2018

Location Arenberg castle and park

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The former Arenberg estate, now home to the Faculty of Engineering Sciences (University of Leuven), provides the setting for the grand Opening Weekend on October 20 and 21. The packed programme of festivities establishes links between past, present, and future, and promises variety, enjoyment, and lots of surprises for young and old.

So there’s plenty on offer this weekend. You can have your noble family portrait taken in the salons of the castle, or marvel at a fascinating dance performance with drones. Whet your appetite for science by visiting the Faculty of Engineering Sciences, various laboratories, and research centres. Explore the castle grounds on horseback, or sample some of the dishes the Arenbergs would have been served centuries ago, while also tasting some we can expect to eat in the future.

All the activities are free of charge. Most of the activities happen throughout the day with unlimited access


The highlight of the weekend is an enchanting projection on the façade of the castle by video artist Nele Fack. Expect a journey through time, culminating in the technologically innovative future we can expect thanks partly to imec. A futuristic sound and light event, accompanied live by the Arenberg Choir and the beats of AMyn.

  • Façade Arenberg Castle
  • Sat. & Sun. 20.00, 21.00 and 22.00 hrs (10’)
  • free


  • Free
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Practical Info

  • 14h - 24h
from 20 October 2018 till 21 October 2018
Arenberg castle and park
Kasteelpark 1
3001 Heverlee